Urban Package (Premier Solar Systems)

Swogun Energy's urban package solar home system is a solution for home and offices. These systems are designed with solar panels from 100 watts and above to full solar system. The systems also include deep cycle solar tubular batteries, charge controllers, hybrid inverters, lamps/lightbulbs and the installation materials. The systems are customised and designed to the user's needs. We supply Japanese, American, Chinese and German solar PV panels. Please contact us if you have any question.

We have small solar home system also avilable from 20w to 100W, which is very sufficent for small home or only for lighting propose , mobile charging and router. These system are cost effective.

The price starting from Rs. 4500 to annd avobe

Please feel free to write us for price and product.



  • High sensitivity
  • Better illumination capacity
  • Environment friendly
  • Low absorption or retention value
  • Noiseless operation
  • Power savers
  • Simple installation
  • Appliance friendly
  • Predefined load segment control
  • Reliable

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